In this Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video, I share some practical techniques for making lightweight, graceful pots with thin slabs, as well as my testing process for glaze color exploration. 

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Lighten up!

Thin slabs are challenging because they are prone to warping. Try working with them when they are soft, and the challenge increases. In this video workshop with Birdie, you’ll learn the mechanics of rolling and working with extra thin slabs to make lightweight forms. You’ll also learn how to create soft curves with a rib and a banding wheel, avoid cracking when joining soft clay to leather-hard clay, as well as tips for finishing rims and seams.


Make your own tools!

Birdie uses a variety of tools made from plaster and clay that she developed to make her life easier. You’ll find out how easy it is to make these useful utensils and, most importantly, how much easier they can make your process. From little doohickeys that can fill in for your fingers when they are too big, to custom bisque press molds for handles or spouts, you’ll get great ideas for simplifying the handbuilding process.